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As a result, the federal government is making changes
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Some basic ideas about corporate finance

pictureIf you consider the commercial business sector as a total cell, then you would have to consider corporate finance as the nuclease of that cell. This is the powerhouse of the total commercial business sector that ensures the maintenance and smooth running of commercial trading sector. The economy of a country is based on the way it has formed its commercial trading sector. When a country has a lot of investment in the commercial trading sector, it means that there is a good flow of cash in the market of the country. A good flow of cash and loans with no credit inc in the market ensures the fair pricing of goods and services for the general people. So, countries that have a well established commercial trading sector can ensure a better lifestyle for the citizens of the country. A rich commercial trading sector would determine the position of the country amongst the rich countries as well. Thus, the commercial trading sector is part and parcel of the economy of the country. As the corporate finance sector is recognized as the main nuclease for this total influential financial sector, it is considered as undeniably important for the financial experts of the country and towards the financial decision makers who provide rules and regulation to regulate the trading system of the commercial sector.

This article is considered about different important factors of corporate finance. Before, you can know about more deep concerns of corporate finance, let's get to know the definition of corporate finance.

What is corporate finance?

The corporate finance is basically a compilation some important financial sectors that determine the fate of commercial trading of a country. The financial bodies that are incorporated in the total corporate finance unit are the capital resources, the total structure of the commercial trading companies and the way through which the corporate managers manage the trading of the corporations for maximizing profit. So that means, that the corporate finance area is the compilation of all the factors through which the function of the commercial trading companies are based on. A commercial trading company cannot be run without the investment funds. The corporate finance section manages the resources through which the flow of capital is maintained in a commercial trading company. The corporations cannot run without a systematic structure. It is a well managed structure that ensures the smoothness of the production line and how a product or service is made from the scratch to final output. Now, these are industrial sectors. The third part under the corporate finance is the management level. You already have capitals to invest in production lines, an authorities body to regulate this capitals and sort out the ways through which the capitals would be invested and now you need the last part and that is a management body that would maintain the total production system and ensure that the goal of the production scale is fulfilled along with quality. The management body also regulates the equipment supply and subsidy costs of a production line. A product from scratch to the final delivery in the market is formed under the regulation of this management body. One cannot think about a commercial trade based corporation without these three components and all the financial of these three important components together are maintained by one body. This body which maintains the liaison of financial dealings between these three bodies is called as corporate finance.

You might think that the corporate finance is just similar to the financial managerial bodies. Though there are similarities in the principals and goals of corporate finance and financial managerial bodies, they are completely different from each other. The financial managerial bodies take care of the management of finance of small firms or industrial companies. On the other hand, a corporate financial body will only be applied into function, if it for a corporation. Thus it totally differentiates from the financial managerial bodies.

What are the goals of corporate finance?

If you ask that what is the primary goal of a nucleus of a cell, the must answer is it is to ensure the survival of the cell and maintaining the total functions done in the cell body. The corporate finance has the same kind of primary goals. It ensures the survival of the commercial trading bodies and also looks after the maintenance of all kinds of functions of a commercial trading company by ensuring the flow of financial dealings. Still to be specific, you can split the goal of a corporate finance in different points. Some of them are given below:

The goal of maximizing the value of shares:

The main goal of a corporate finance regulatory body is to increase value of the corporation among the shareholders. The modern corporation is run by capital resources generated from stock exchanges. To start a production line under the corporations, the companies require investment. So, they sell the shares of the corporation fund in the stock exchange market. People invest in these shares to generate profit form the shares. The investment money or the mutual fund for investment is gathered from this selling amount of shares. If the corporation is in profit, then the shareholder would also make profits if they liquidate the stock shares. These stock shares are the main capital resources that generate investment money for the corporations. In order for the survival of the production process of the corporation, it is important that the shares of the corporations get valued by the shareholders of the market. If they do not find the shares as valuable, they will not buy the shares and if they do not buy the shares, the corporation will not be able to accumulate investment capitals. The corporate finance body takes care of the factor that the value of the shares of the corporations remains intact or increases among the shareholders. The main goal of a corporate finance is to maximize the value or increase the value of the shares of the corporations among the respective shareholders.

The goal of maintaining the work of investment banking:

The corporate financial body of a corporation is also known as investment banks for the corporations. When there is an investment bank for a trading company, the regulation of the investment capitals are completely maintained by this respective bank. The corporate finance has the most important goal for a corporation that the investment capitals are being properly regulated. How much investment is needed for running the total production line, how much cash is required to flow during the operation of the corporation and which are the sectors that need more investment than the others, all these factors are regulated by the corporate finance? It is also the duty of the corporate financial bodies to accumulate the required financial investment when a sector of the corporation is in need of it.

In simple words, one can say that the goal of a corporate finance is to collect the investment funds for the corporation and then maintain these capitals as different kinds of transaction are made during creating a business line, developing the business line for providing a complete line of production, expanding the sector for more profits and also keeping the possession of the business as well.

Though, the corporate finance bodies are not the sole authority to regulate the forms of financial transaction of the corporations anymore. The recent rules and regulations of the federal government bodies involved with the concerns of commercial trading are making some changes in the acts. Through these changes of acts the rules and regulations of the corporate financial body will alter completely. Recently, the legal bodies of the government have witnessed some highly leveraged transaction in the dealings of corporate finance. Such highly leveraged transactions ensure the flow of investments of shareholder for the accumulation of capitals for the corporation, but they are high risk investments for the investors or the shareholders. If the purpose of such kind of transactions fail, the main fund of the capital for the corporation or the structure of the corporations gets only a little impact, but the shareholders who takes the risk of making such highly leveraged investments becomes subject to huge financial loss. Knowing such highly leveraged transactions are completely unethical, the corporate finance body lures the investors for making them.


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